Friday, 13 March 2009

Mono magic & a memory

I really like the way this card tuned out, so clean & crisp, black & white never dates which is why I like it & I should really use it more.

The memory trip I had today was invoked when I had a clean up in my craft room (hopping to get a new desk & shelving) & came across this wonderful rubber stamp which was the first ever stamp I brought. I remember it well... after watching Dawn Bibby on QVC for the first time years ago, I was soo taken with what I saw I just had to have a go at what looked like loads of fun....& it turned out to be just that. At the time I didn't have a heat gun so used an iron.... the wrong way round, lol, instead of putting the paper on top of the iron I tried taking the iron as close as I could with out it touching the powder. I feel so silly now thinking about it, but like so many crafters out there I've come along way since then & it turned into an addiction.. which I know sooo many can relate to. I also remember after making up I think it was something like 10 cards I'd brought I had this down feeling because I'd no more to make up, so my addiction was sealed from the off set.


  1. Stunning card Jenny, I love visiting because I always see something different on your blog. Thank you for sharing your memory of being a beginner, so many of us got bitten by the addiction because of craft on TV here in the UK.

  2. Wonderful card, very elegant. Hope that all is well.Take care Anesha.