Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Derwent inktense pencils tips

In answer to Carolyn's question asking if I've any tips on using these wonderful pencils, all I can say is have a good play around with them.... one thing I will say is where you want the shaded parts, colour these first with the pencils & pull the colour away using either water or if you add a second colour you could use the blender pen, that way you'll get an image that's got a darker inner that gets lighter towards the outer part, this is the way I did both the flower cards. Try mixing colours to, first colour in an image with say a red then go over with say a brown or an orange then take the blender pen or water both give a wonderful effect. Glenda gave a great demo of these on Create & Craft (if your able to get this channel on sky, it's well worth a watch) I've looked on her website & at the moment there are no video's of this, don't know if she has any plans to add any Derwent demos, you could always drop her a line here:-


  1. I have discovered a technique with inktense I will try to describe... Because they are permanent when dry you can apply an area of colour (I use them for foliage)then make stokes for branches for example with a wet brush. Allow to dry, then use water to dilute the background, and lift some colour off with tissue while wet (the dried branches wont be affected) Hope it makes sense! I did a quick loose sketch using this method here


  2. thanks for the information Mr. Roy... it really helps..

    love this site...

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