Monday, 2 February 2009

White out

Here are a few pic's of Meeko & Milo having so much fun playing in the snow earlier today. The white stuff didn't start falling round these parts until 2pm, before then I think we where the only part of the UK without snow.


  1. They sure have a great time playing in the snow! Is Meeko a Border Colli? I used to have two dogs too before (now we have a 4 year old Mudi). Splinter was a Border Colli, Benji a mix of Husky/Berner Sennen. They both got almost to be 14 years old. This picture reminds me of them fouling around, lol. TFS

  2. Yep he is Els, I just adore the breed, probably why I have 3, lol :o)

  3. Great snow and great dogs too! We have snow here in the Carolinas too!

  4. That looks like fun! Wish I could get my cat outside:-)