Sunday, 11 January 2009

Wow a new award

Thank you to Shirley for this wonderful award that she sent me. A link to Shirley's blog is here, please visit if you can it's a fab place.

The above award is called 'The Marie Antoinette' a Real Person, a Real Award.

The rules are:

1. Link to the person who gave you the award

2. Nominate 7 more persons

3. Link the nominees and let them know about this award

4. Post the award on my blog

The seven I've chosen are:

1, Phree

2, Anesha

3, Donna

4, Deby

5, Maddy

6, Sharon

7, Beth


  1. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for thinking of me. Will put the award when hubby gets home. Getting him to do some of my computer work.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.
    hugs Anesha

  2. Congrats on the award, and thank you for thinking of me when you were looking for another blog to pass it on to.