Saturday, 10 January 2009

2009 & a card

Bit late but hope this year has started off well for everyone, finally got rid of the cold, but not before giving it to my other half, which meant we where both feeling very poorly over Christmas... worst luck & it's meant I've done no crafting at all.... just haven't felt up to it,
but thought I'd post a pic of the card I made when I first got the wonderful faeries & wildlife stamps from Graphicus back in November. (it was going to go into the December Graphicus website competition, but doesn't look like it will be happening now as it's been changed)


  1. How very beautiful! I love how you painted your image and less is defintely more here with the frame and ribbon. Lovely

  2. what a pretty card! thanks for the award (I will post it soon)

  3. What a gorgeous card - hope you have a great 2009.