Sunday, 28 September 2008

Halloween flavoured

This card kinda made itself...spooky. Here's it's story....
I have a small brayer I decided should get dirty at least once it it's life, I'd seen other works of art which had been made using a brayer & thought it time I joined in the fun. So on that I took down my Adirondack dye inks to choose the colours, but that's where it all started, with these 2 colours I didn't really choose. You see I picked out a red & orange just to see what they'd look like on a piece of scrap card & to test out my brayer techniques. I firstly stamped the word 'art' in black, I then wanted to see what the 2 colours would look like together over this word..... Wow that's gone well looks good at this stage, I then find myself sponging on black chalk ink around the edges
which start to really set of the stamped image.
Out then come more stamps with me looking for a nice swirly kind of stamp which I find, inked that up in black & stamped it around the edge finishing it of with a white soufflé pen. I then echo the swirly stamp on the black card by inking it up with Adirondack snow cap pigment ink.
I look at the finished card & see a halloweeny looking card looking back at me. It's only the colours that have given it that look, but I'm thinking this is just a bit spooky what with Halloween just around the corner & I didn't set out to make a card or any thing else for halloween....... or did I


  1. Fab work! Hope you get your brayer out more often!

  2. Definately a spooky feel

    Love that art stamp and the swirls I don't think a girl can have too many swirls!!!

    I've only just got my brayer and enjoy playig with it I must remember not to get so enthusiastic when brayering after the first inking up lol!!

    TC and TFS

  3. It's so exciting when we just decided to play and what wonderful things happen. Great job!

  4. Great brayering, especially as it's not as easy as it looks LOL! The black and white really set off your colours.

  5. I love your card! I really like what you did with the different feel of it. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  6. Fabulous card Jenny and I love the story that comes with it! I bet your brayer will be getting dirty more than once in it's life now :)
    Ann x
    Just had a thought - since you're new to brayering, you might not have tried this technique:

  7. Its gorgeous - I so want a brayer - love that CP art stamp too.