Sunday, 24 August 2008

Olympic fever

I've been sooo hocked on the games, watched nearly ALL that the BBC showed, which meant staying awake well into the early hours. Loved the diving & a big well done to Tom Daley, such an up & coming young diver, to finish 7th was fantastic. loved the swimming, with Rebecca not only winning Gold but smashing a WR at the same time, Gymnastics although we didn't come anywhere. Athletics, rowing which again we where very strong in & of course the cycling as well. To date we've won 47 medals which is a fantastic achievement for all who took part... well done to everyone... hope 2012 is just as rewarding. To celebrate our great medal score I made this fat page


  1. Lovely FB page Jenny, :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do still have some of the dragon stamps, if you want one, please contact me, either by email through my website, (link on my blog) or pm me through CSF

  2. Gorgeous page, and a great idea to commemorate the successes of our olympic athletes.