Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Swapping again

I've again entered into the Guild swap. This months theme is light, I hope the first one reflects this, I based it on the Summer time & the light from the sun. Managed to get them off early this time round... might even be in time to getting there pic's in next months newsletter, ooo that would be nice. Oh lord I've just seen a big mistake I made .. I was so busy glueing on the
letters to spell out light I've gone & got them round the wrong way, I'm now sitting here rather red faced..oops

I've had my swaps arrive from last months & would like to thank Elizabeth Williams & I think it's DJ Phillis can't quite make out the name..sorry.


  1. What's a Guild swap? I love your cards.

    SBS 20

  2. They are great! The first one is just beautiful.

  3. They are lovely Jenny, both of them, hope to see them in the newsletter :)