Sunday, 8 June 2008

bubbly bubbles

Haven't done any paper crafting since my last post, just don't where the time has gone... well I do , on the garden, with summer on it's way I'm out doing the garden most days which leaves little time for crafting...:o( But happily I got to make some soap which is another craft passion I have. I made a lovely rose & baby power (that's the purply one) the other is sandalwood & amber musk which I added a slice of dried orange to before pouring on the soap & this one I think smells devine & is my favourite out of the 2


  1. Aw Jennie I used to make soap when I practised aromatherapy I just love handmade soap I used to use little triffle cases for my moulds yours look gorgeous xx

  2. mmm they sound delightful jenny,this is another thing that i want to have a go at,,soap making
    Wendy xx

  3. These look gorgeous - I've always wanted to try making my own soap - is it difficult?

  4. hiya Fiona,
    Soap making can be easy. I use the melt & pour method which I think is the easiest & the only hard part is mixing the fragrance & choosing the colour you want it to be lol :o)